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Equine Thermography

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Equine Thermography is an invaluable tool in the pre-diagnosis of significant injury, detecting injuries up to six weeks before major anatomical disruption occurs. This is sooner than the horse would exhibit clinical signs such as lameness. The physiology of the animal alters when the tissues are under stress and the thermal imaging camera will detect changes in tissue temperature, providing accurate heat mapping in order to pinpoint the potential source or site of injury.

Primarily it is used to identify tendon injury and assist in the diagnosis of lameness, as well as distinguishing early onset laminitis, muscle damage, sprains, inflammation and nerve damage. It is also an invaluable tool in saddle fitting issues and tracking post operative or post injury recovery.

Equine Thermography is a non-invasive technique carried out using our state of the art Halo EQ camera and is ideal for sensitive or nervous horses. A full body scan is ideal for check ups and assisting veterinary diagnosis.

Equine Thermography

Infrared Thermographic Imaging has proved to be an invaluable tool in the monitoring of the performing, injured or recovering equine.

 It is often difficult in veterinary medicine to make a true diagnosis of injury due to changing symptoms or the lack of visibly recognisable symptoms. Add this to the patient\’s inability to communicate and we are then faced with frustration for the vet, trainer, therapist, farrier, equine professional and disillusionment to the client.

Equine Thermography is a non-invasive monitoring tool that uses the very latest Infrared Imaging equipment and computer software to detect minute differences in the horse\’s thermal and neural condition and allows us to quickly and efficiently identify trauma in an injured animal. By identifying the location of the injury we can prevent further trauma and – with the advice of the vet – make a decision on the treatment that is needed and monitor the recovery.

Extensive research in human and equine fields has demonstrated that many injuries and physical conditions can be accurately detected using Equine Themography before any physical signs and symptoms are visibly apparent, and it provides a unique way to monitor a horses recovery from intense activity, injury and illness.

Unlike conventional X-rays and MRI scans, Equine Thermographic Imaging does not use any radiation and is therefore perfectly safe for the horse and the handler. In most cases the results of Thermographs can be provided instantly to enable vets, owners and equine therapists and professionals to make prompt decisions and begin appropriate treatment.

Equine Thermographic imaging is performed using portable equipment that means it is user friendly and imaging can be carried out “in the field” making Equine Thermography an invaluable monitoring tool.

The Benefits of Equine Thermography

Detects early onset of laminitis.
Non Invasive: the animal remains comfortable and relaxed throughout the scan.
Early detection of the on-set of tendon injuries, before lasting damage can occur.
Saves on vets fees by assisting in the diagnosis.
Easy, straightforward information gathering, which is beneficial for nervous or highly strung horses.
Peace of mind for pre-purchase scan and 5 stage vetting.
Can be used to locate back problems and during saddle fitting assessment.


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