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Equine Camera Specification

The Equine camera has been designed as a compact, lightweight camera, featuring oversized nomex side handles and a vulcanized rubber shroud, which offers highest levels of protection. The

Equine camera utilizes a large format display offering sharp bright image definition.

The specification level is factory fixed with spot temperature, battery gauge, four separate colour maps and picture capture function.

The picture-capture feature interfaces with TIS mission software offering the user memory space in the camera for over 1000 images.

Thermal Sensitivity ≤ 50mK
Saturation Temperature 185°C + 10% 365°F
Core Technology Amorphous Silicon
Lens Material Germanium – Diamond hard high effective anti reflection coating
On Screen Symbols Battery / temp cross hair, sliding bar and dig read out, over temp. On screen menu
Size 145mm x 117mm x 88mm
Weight with Battery 670grams
Certifications EMC / IP67 watertight
Heat Resistance Heat test 260°C for 10 mins and 149°C for 15mins
Impact Resistance 180cm drop on 6 axis
Battery Chemistry Li ion 3.7V 650mAH
Housing/Bumper  Blue
Options Retractable lanyard all other features standard issue
Resolution 160×120 array
Spectral Response 7.4-14 microns
Thermal Sensitivity ≤ 50mK/<0.05°C
Update Rate 60Hz
Field of View  37.5° Vertical x 17° Horizontal
Lens Material Germanium – Diamond hard high effective anti reflection coating
Lens (optics) Speed f /1.0
LCD Display Size 3.5” High Definition Screen
Dor Format 640×480 Dots
Colourisation Yes / Multiple maps with user settable colours
Battery Chemistry Li ion 3.7V 650mAH
Picture Capture Yes – up to 1000 image storage
Video Output Yes – NTSC video output – coaxial cable supplied