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About Thermal Imaging Solutions

World leaders in design

Thermal Imaging Solutions is an Equine Thermography service from Halo TI, catering for all types of horse from privately owned leisure animals to elite equine competitors.

Halo TI are world leaders in the design, development and manufacture of thermal imaging cameras for fire fighting, search and rescue, surveillance operations and equine thermography. Our cameras are robust and equipped for the harshest of environments, while simultaneously being the lightest and smallest, hand held thermal imaging camera available today.

We are a UK company and each of our cameras is calibrated and manufactured in our Darlington facility. We have a team dedicated to design and engineering, always looking to improve the product range and we are proud to say that our servicing and spare parts capabilities are faster than any other UK manufacturer.


Meet the team

Angela Richardson

Senior Thermographer

Location: East

Natalie Bowles

Location: West

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