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Unlike conventional X-rays and MRI scans, Equine Thermographic Imaging does not use any radiation and is therefore perfectly safe for the horse and the handler. In most cases the results of Thermographs can be provided instantly to enable vets, owners and equine therapists and professionals to make prompt decisions and begin appropriate treatment.

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 Equine Camera Features

  • Non Invasive thermal technology.
  • Detecting early onset of laminitis.
  • Save on vets fees.
  • Assist in the diagnosis of lameness.
  • See the on-set of tendon injuries.
  • Detect early, before real damage done.
  • Very easy, straightforward information gathering.
  • Peace of mind for pre-purchase scan & 5 stage vetting.
  • Thermal diagnostic
  • Muscle problems + injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Dental problems

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